What do our customers say about us?

Bob Cook - Kelly’s Body Shop

5 stars "The service that IT Outsource provides us, there is a feeling of comfort that we are able to outsource our IT needs to them. We’re in the business of fixing cars and taking care of customers, not fixing computers and taking care of computer problems."

"We used to have a lot of down time, where a computer would freeze up. We have a network of about ten computers and a server. When you have that type of technology, you have a lot of issues with viruses, backups that need to be done by someone in our company. It took a lot of our personal time. But now, IT Outsource is doing that for us."

"Their professionalism and knowledge of the industry is really impressive to all of our staff. If we have a problem, they can usually take care of the problem over the phone, right away. It really minimizes down-time. They have a very strong professional staff. We are very proud of working with them."

David Kirby – Browning Collision Center

5 stars "With a phone call… if we have any issues… they take care of it for us without us having to wander around wondering what’s going on. We call them and they figure out all our problems for us. It provides us with everything that we need."

Morris Lawrence – Tropical Auto Body

5 stars "IT Outsource was brought in to simply eliminate the headaches that go along with a day to day operation,... all of the computer problems. Bringing them in eliminated all that for us. More importantly, I’ve found that over the past couple of years of being with them… it’s given me freedom from the business. I’ve been able to… travel around the world and still be in contact with my business and operation daily. Now, I can go into my computer anywhere I am and look at the problem and help my staff resolve it… that’s the biggest key."

"At first, my staff were butting heads. As they got more accustomed to it... I don’t thing they could do without it. Everybody realizes that it makes their business and their job easier, more accessible; they just couldn’t live without it."

Armando Besne – Crown Valley Body Shop

5 stars "IT Outsource services are very valuable to me. The… interruptions that can sometimes occur with computer problems… really bring a stop to everything. The support that they give us… allows us the peace of mind of knowing that everything’s being handled correctly, they allow me to focus on my business and not on the computer issues. Their support… allows me and my staff to get to work and do business… every single day without any extensive delays. …you get your day started knowing that everything is clicking and going in the right direction."

"Being able to come to work, knowing that once you turn the key and get the operation going, things are going to work the way you expect them to work. The support that they give us is second to none. They are always on top of things… and resolve our problems very quickly… The overall expectation is that they are always there to help us out. It just makes things very smooth for us."

Art Bautista – Browning Collision Center

5 stars "… all the updates are done in the system and we do less supplements. We love it. Before we were always doing the updates and always messing up. Now, they’re just a phone call away if we ever need anything."

Bruce Mackie – BodyCraft Collision Centers

5 stars "The support is so much better than what we had from the database providers... All of the updates are done automatically by IT Outsource. It’s just another thing we don’t have to worry about! We’ve reduced our IT expenses by going to IT Outsource… because I don’t have to have someone onsite constantly fixing hardware issues or fixing software problems. We’ve eliminated expensive file servers… workstations are now just fast internet boxes that will allow us… to use the applications that are hosted by IT Outsource.""

"Backups and updates are done after hours so there’s no disruption in my business day to day… The great thing for me as an owner and also for my office manager is that we are able to look at both locations twenty-four hours a day, any time we want to, it’s seamless and beautiful. Where there is a support issue, my staff doesn’t have to wait until the next day for a call back, support is immediate from IT Outsource. Businesses don’t have time to manage software applications, that’s what IT Outsource is all about."

"Our software vendors are on the east coast and Midwest, and when we can’t get support from them on the west coast during our normal business hours, they’re there (IT Outsource) twenty-four hours a day… to us in the busy environment, we need the support and that’s what IT Outsource gives us."