About Us

IT Outsource, Inc. (ITO) is a Managed IT Services Provider for small to mid-sized businesses running industry-specific management, accounting and estimating software. IT Outsource also provides related technical support for daily operations in traditional on-site and in Cloud Computing environments. Single location repair centers, colleges, multi-shop owners and insurance appraisal companies choose ITO to be their Managed Services Provider for their businesses, simplifying and improving operations with much needed professional technical support. ITO is a Business-to-Business enterprise providing knowledgeable and professional IT services Faster, Cheaper, and Better to the Collision Repair Industry.

The technical support team at IT Outsource worked for years maintaining the Cerritos College Auto Collision Repair program estimating and management computer lab and software courses. It was in support of the Cerritos College program of over 250 estimating and management students per year that a method was discovered whereby students could access their estimates started on campus from their home or business PC’s via the internet. Fine tuning of this later-patented process allows students to take these classes “Online” using the same licensed software used in the classroom/lab on campus. Managers of these newly hired students persisted in their inquiry as to why this functionality was not made available for them to use in their daily operations. This collection of technology, people and the overwhelming desire of shop owners and managers to have access to all of their shops’ data “live” and in “real time”, made the entrance of IT Outsource into the collision repair support infrastructure a reality. IT Outsource provides software hosting services for all major software used in the collision repair industry.

By retaining our services, you will guarantee yourself prompt response to IT service calls from technicians familiar with you and your network. In IT Outsource you will have a partner that makes your business goals it’s own. Your success is our success.

Jared Robertson, Chief Executive Officer

Jared C. Robertson is chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IT Outsource, Inc., an up-and-coming IT Firm and the largest Technology outsourcing company within the Collision Repair Industry in the United States and Canada.

A native of Anaheim, CA, Mr. Robertson had spent several years in the US Navy before eventually returning to southern California. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Thomas Edison College in Trenton, NJ. .

Mr. Robertson brings over 15 years of technical and managerial experience to IT Outsource. His time spent in the military as well as his background in working with Physics teams on problem solving helped him formulate the business practices necessary to make IT Outsource what it is today.

Mr. Robertson established IT Outsource in May 2003 originally as a means to bring IT solutions to midlevel companies that could not afford fully staffed IT Departments. Mr. Robertson’s team of IT professionals work to solve problems, IT problems that no one else has been able to solve. His team’s work with the Collision Repair Dept. at Cerritos College, and the solutions developed there, paved the way for IT Outsource to become the primary source for cloud computing solutions of estimating and management software in the Collision Repair industry. From this, Mr. Robertson helped IT Outsource branch into other vertical hosting markets including Accounting, Insurance, Engineering, Genealogy and Automotive Dealerships. Now with IT Outsource a multinational firm, Mr. Robertson spends most of his time managing the day-to-day business, assuring the highest level of service is being provided.

Charles Robertson, President

Charlie’s business ownership and management background spans over thirty years. Thirteen of those years he owned and operated several enterprises: a collision repair facility, limousine conversion company, used car dealership, as well as a partnership in a General Motors Dealership. He has management and technical training experience as a professor at Cerritos College in California. Charlie has instigated skills-development programs focusing on specific industry training needs for automotive sales, service, and collision repair. Many of these courses have been expanded to include online delivery and now have embedded I-CAR course credit.

In addition to the “grass-roots” development of training programs, Charlie has fostered industry collaborative training with Chief Automotive Systems, Inc., Eurocar Bench Systems, BMW of North America, Celette, I-CAR, and others. Cerritos College is the first vocational-technical and community college nation-wide to provide Chief-Certified training courses at a state-owned facility. Courses Chief Automotive and I-CAR credit courses, and are Associate's Degree-applicable. Three courses are transferable to the California State University system toward a bachelor’s degree.

Under Charlie’s design and direction, the first electric vehicle program at a California Community College was started at Cerritos College in 1995. That program has grown to include other alternate fuels and Hybrid EV training as well as electric vehicle training on other campuses.

Charlie worked over ten years as a technician prior to moving into management at his own enterprise. His automotive management experience covers more than 18 years. He has served as the facilitator in the restructuring efforts of several automotive repair and conversion companies. He maintains the ASE Master Collision Repair/ Refinishing Certificate, the ASE Damage Analysis and Estimating Certificate, and the ASE Master Automotive Technician Certificate. Charlie carries additional certifications from General Motors STG, Chief Automotive Systems, Inc., and I-CAR.

Charlie has served on several local, regional, and national committees providing much-needed input to the direction and function of the industry. He has also served as a standing member of the Curriculum Committee, Student Learning Outcome's committee, and now chairs the Technology-Based Learning Committee at Cerritos College.

Charlie’s interest in the integration of computer technology into small to medium-sized companies began as he purchased his first PC for business management of his own repair facility over 31 years ago. He has since been on the cutting-edge of computerization integration into an industry noted for it’s resistance to the electronic age.