Independent Appraisal Service

IT Outsource, Inc. (ITO) is a Managed IT Services Provider for small to mid-sized insurance appraisal businesses running industry-specific claims handling, accounting and estimating software.  ITO also provides related technical support for daily operations in traditional on-site and in Cloud Computing environments. Single location repair centers, colleges, multi-shop owners and insurance appraisal companies choose ITO to be their Managed Services Provider for their businesses, simplifying and improving operations with much needed professional technical support.  ITO is a Business-to-Business enterprise providing knowledgeable and professional IT services Faster, Cheaper, and Better to the Collision Repair Industry.

Benefits to Independent Insurance Appraisal Companies

  • All software updates are performed on-time, at the same time for all employees thus reducing supplements with everyone on the same version database each day.  ITO's process also reduces duplicated effort by the entire claims handling team by placing everyone within one centralized database.  This efficiency helps reduce cycle-time for the claims process.

  • Ability to have remote Desk-Audit personnel review files from across the country in just minutes prior to locking file and uploading it - still as a preliminary estimate to assure compliance with insurance company requirements.

  • All files are housed centrally; no “stand-alone” laptops or desktops with estimates or claims files on them, all files are accessible from centralized server at our Data Center.  If someone is not able to work that day, the files are not locked within their computer, the home office can reassign the file to another appraiser.

  • Potentially reduce cost of 3rd party estimating software licenses by consolidating licenses into a single source network.  One set of CD’s/DVD's for updates to all shops – savings in packaging/ shipping and tech support.  Everyone is on the same version and parts price update.  Reduced technical support costs for 3rd party information providers.

  • Secure backups are done nightly off-site for all users

  • No longer necessary to Upload and Download assignments daily by Adjusters - All files viewable at all times, saving dozens of hours per week.

  • Files handled at lightning speed rather than at dial-up modem speeds

  • Frees-up time spent by each adjuster normally spent doing IT work

  • Data is secure from “data-mining” operations

  • All programs and files hosted on “Secure” VPN (Virtual Private Network)

  • Fixed costs per month for IT Support – no salaries, sick days, vacations, or overtime

  • Life-cycle cost of each workstation/ laptop reduced significantly (you can typically double their traditional computer life expectancy).  Lower Hardware replacement costs – over life-cycle of each workstation. Latest software runs as fast on older machines as with new P4 3Ghz PC’s.  In-house workstations can run software programs through a Terminal instead of a full PC.  No network servers are required for the home office.  Workstations can operate for up to double or triple normal life cycle.

  • Remote access through secure login by approved staff from a variety of locations (remote-wireless; remote @ body shop; remote @ internet café; remote from home PC; on-site @ office; remote while at a conference; remote from vacation spot – using any PC with internet access)

  • Technical support time is reduced in providing repairs and fixes to problems.  ITO techs capture callers “session” on the server and go “Live” with them and both the Tech and Caller see exactly the same screen and are interactive which reduces time to explain what problem was encountered – the tech sees it and can address the issue immediately.

  • IT Outsource works with existing IT Departments and staff to make the appraisal company’s IT Staff more productive.

  • Less response time for repairs to “glitches”.

  • Better overall performance than running stand-alone workstations