With IT Outsource you may never have to upgrade your computers again. All you need is a computer with internet access and you will be able to connect to your company’s software running live on our servers. This means that you can access your applications anywhere in the world that has the Internet, and it means no more downtime when your server is down. Let IT Outsource take care of all your computer needs and be able to focus 100% on what it is that keeps you in business.

IT Outsource hosts industry-specific software on their servers giving campuses, trainers and students local and remote access to all of their work. This includes fully operational software, not merely tutorials that give illusions of how the program is really used.

Trainers now have the ability to offer online training with local and remote access to the software being trained. Students can access their work started in-class within campus computer labs, and complete it online from any computer with Internet access.

Rather than providing limited-function CD’s or unlicensed copies of the software being trained, trainers can now provide secure, internet access to the software used without volatile corporate data within. This can help minimize the “fear factor” experienced by many trainers and students learning new corporate software from company workstations running “live, volatile” company data.

Trainers can also view all student work files created during online and in-class training sessions since they are being created and completed in the same program files. This provides a near perfect environment for trainers, educators, and students to learn complex software applications without over-burdening individuals in the process.

Practically any program that can run in a Windows Network can run in this environment. For training divisions that share computer systems with their parent company, with volatile, sensitive, corporate and customer files are used daily, none of the training applications branch into the corporate file structures. Only the computers’ Internet access and network printer are used during training.

Most major software licensor’s provide substantial discounts for their software when it is designated for educational purposes. If a licensed corporate-user is to offer training in a specific software, it is likely that the software company can provide additional licenses for training purposes only in this training mode.

Corporations and educational facilities no longer have to purchase and maintain massive clusters of servers to provide training programs to their constituencies. All that is needed is any internet enabled device in order to access the software applications being trained.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be saved each year by transitioning to this innovative way of delivering online training. IT Outsource enables trainers to train and students to learn whatever they want to learn, from wherever they are, whenever they want to, and essentially on computers that need only be powerful enough to connect to the Internet.

We provide this online training support for over 250 students and educators each year.