All software updates are performed on-time, at the same time for all employees resulting in reduced supplements since everyone is on the same version update and parts pricing. Businesses also experience a reduction in the cycle-time for each claims process. IT Outsource facilitates any “jammed” or sent transactions that mysteriously get lost in the shuffle.

Secure backups are done nightly off-site for all users and the shop’s data is secure from any “data-mining” operations. This also frees-up time spent by estimators normally spent doing IT work. Shops also now have the ability to use remote Desk-Audit personnel review estimates and final billing even from across the country in just minutes prior to uploading for payment.

All files are housed centrally; no “stand-alone” laptops or desktops with estimates on them, all files are accessible from a central repository. This means that other office staff can be tasked with assisting in administrative work leaving estimators free to write more estimates and follow up on existing work orders.

Businesses experience a predictable cost per month for IT Support – no salaries, sick days, vacations, or overtime pay for long projects running into the night. The life-cycle cost of each workstation is reduced significantly (double life cycle). The latest software runs as fast from older machines as with new P4 3Ghz computers. Also technician workstations can run programs using a Terminal with no moving parts or fans to draw contaminating dust into the computer. You’ll experience lower hardware replacement costs over the life-cycle of each computer. Shops no longer need network servers on site.

Remote access is provided by secure login for approved staff from a variety of locations: remote-wireless, remote from the body shop, remote at an internet café, remote from home computer, on-site but at a second satellite office, or remote while at a conference – using any computer with internet access.

Technical support time is greatly reduced as IT Outsource Techs capture callers “session” on the server and go “Live” with them in just seconds. Both the Tech and the Caller see exactly the same screen and are interactive. This reduces the time it takes to explain what problem was encountered – the tech sees it and begins solving issues rather than just translating what the caller is saying in real terms.

New opportunities now exist for Online Training using the Actual estimating, management or accounting software being trained. IT Outsource works with existing IT Departments and staff to help shop’s local IT Staff be more productive. This improves response time for repairs to software “glitches”.