Jared Robertson, Chief Executive Officer

Jared C. Robertson is chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IT Outsource, Inc., an up-and-coming IT Firm and the largest Technology outsourcing company within the Collision Repair Industry in the United States and Canada.

Click to see and hear from JaredA native of Anaheim, CA, Mr. Robertson had spent several years in the US Navy before eventually returning to southern California. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Thomas Edison College in Trenton, NJ. Click here or on photo for Video Message.

Mr. Robertson brings over 15 years of technical and managerial experience to IT Outsource. His time spent in the military as well as his background in working with Physics teams on problem solving helped him formulate the business practices necessary to make IT Outsource what it is today.

Mr. Robertson established IT Outsource in May 2003 originally as a means to bring IT solutions to midlevel companies that could not afford fully staffed IT Departments. Mr. Robertson’s team of IT professionals work to solve problems, IT problems that no one else has been able to solve. His team’s work with the Collision Repair Dept. at Cerritos College, and the solutions developed there, paved the way for IT Outsource to become the primary source for cloud computing solutions of estimating and management software in the Collision Repair industry. From this, Mr. Robertson helped IT Outsource branch into other vertical hosting markets including Accounting, Insurance, Engineering, Genealogy and Automotive Dealerships. Now with IT Outsource a multinational firm, Mr. Robertson spends most of his time managing the day-to-day business, assuring the highest level of service is being provided.